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manicures & pedicures


Our mission is to provide the ultimate in service. Our vision is to create an environment  that provides customers with a unique de-stressing experience, while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene over a glass of wine. 

We offer a lush experience to revitalize and maginify your hands. Whether you visit us for a regular nail filing or a breathtaking coloring for the party of your life, we will answer all your requests. Highly trained by the best nail design artists and beauticians to ensure quality service and feature the widest selection of colors and products. We use the safest and cleanest hospital-grade sterilization techniques. 

Our eyelash artists wear gloves and masks at all times to value the beautification of your lashes while ensuring the highest level of safety for your eyes. Whether you are looking for long and thick lashes or aiming for a feathery light natural look, we will provide a totally safe and comfortable dreamy look you looking for.

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